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The Wasteland Mini-Series

The Wasteland is a gripping allegory paired with application, that follows the journey of a man who struggles to remember his past and return to a place he has long since neglected. Through daily drift and careless decisions, it’s the story of a man who abandoned the one who loved him most. But there is hope, an invitation to return, to the life he once knew. The Wasteland is a story of hope, a story of redemption, and a story of revival.

Launching August 24, 2017

Starting Thursday August 24, 2017, experience The Wasteland LIVE as we release one episode of the five-part series online each week. Tune back in each day to follow the unfolding story. Each episode is about five minutes long, and will include a devotional video segment that will talk through some of the spiritual metaphors contained in each episode.

Downloadable Resources

Along with each episode, a free downloadable PDF resource will be available so you can walk through The Wasteland with your class or small group. The Wasteland mini-series will continue to be available online and is a great resource that can be used to point others toward a revived life in Christ.

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