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The Wasteland Press Release – The Wasteland Mini-Series

The Wasteland Press Release


Buchanan, MI- August 18, 2017 Life Action is excited to announce its partnership with Christian Cinema for the release of their unique mini-series event, The Wasteland.

The Wasteland is a gripping allegory in a world full of desolation and brokenness. There are rumors of wonders and restoration stirring in the new wilderness as the story follows the journey of a man who struggles to remember his past. Through daily drift and careless decisions, he had abandoned the one who loved him most. But there is hope, an invitation to return to the life he once knew. The Wasteland is a story of hope, a story of redemption, and a story of revival.

Aaron Paulus, Executive Producer of The Wasteland, said, “This unique mini-series was designed to reach a digital audience, and we are excited about the far-reaching potential. Through the various social communities, Life Action hopes this film will be the beginning of many believers returning to God.”

Starting Thursday, August 24, Life Action, in partnership with Christian Cinema, will release a brand-new episode for the next five weeks. All five episodes will be broadcast via Facebook LIVE on Christian Cinema and Life Action’s Facebook pages.

According to Facebook, there are nearly 2 billion people active every month on the Facebook platform. Bobby Downes, CEO of says, “We are excited to partner with Life Action for the broadcast and release of The Wasteland on Christian Cinema Facebook Live. We believe Facebook is the future of television because we have seen a tremendous response from showing Bible centric content on Facebook Live.”  

At the cutting edge, Christian Cinema broadcast the first-ever television series on Facebook Live in April 2017.  Each episode of the National Bible Bee Game Show reached more than 1.2 million viewers.  

Downes added, “We expect to reach more than 2 million people with The Wasteland which is our first foray into broadcasting episodic short film content.”

Following the release of the final episode on September 21, episodes will be available on and Additionally, group study resources for the episodes will be available for free at

About Life Action Ministries

Life Action was founded over 45 years ago to spark spiritual change in families, churches, and nations. This is why they call people to authentic Christianity—so the gospel light can shine brightly out of lives transformed by the presence and power of God! Life Action believes that revitalization in families and churches is the key to transforming our culture for Christ and completing the Great Commission. Life Action accomplishes this through various outreaches like a family camp, church events, a women’s ministry, a pastors’ lodge and retreat center, and a prayer movement.

About Christian Cinema

In 1999, was born out of a desire to connect audiences with the best in faith-based movies. The market leader in faith-based digital on-demand, Christian Cinema has earned the trust of families of faith. The digital platform provides easy access to a personal movie library across multiple devices, enabling users to watch anytime, anywhere, and with no subscriptions and no commitments. New films added every week, there are new releases and new discoveries; dramas, documentaries, short films, educational and more. Chosen from the leading Christian filmmakers, this destination is a rarity in the world of cinema.


Aaron Paulus, Executive Producer of The Wasteland


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