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Episodes Releasing Thursdays at 8 PM ET – The Wasteland Mini-Series

Episodes Releasing Thursdays at 8 PM ET

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Official Mini-Series Trailer

Life Action presents an all-new mini-series film, launching Thursday, August 24, 2017. Follow the journey of a man who struggles to remember his past and return to a place he has long since abandoned.

Episode 1: Awaken

We meet the main character, Ray, waking up after an earthquake – in a world that seems, well – strange, and broken. Familiar, but not quite right. As if there was, at one time, much more. Or maybe there should be?

Episode 2: Recognize

In episode 2, Ray’s house seemed full of memories & simple joys, but now all of that seems suddenly lost. There’s still evidences of recent life, but now it’s coated with dust and loneliness. The question is, why?

Episode 3: Turn

In episode 3, it’s starting to make sense to Ray—the life he was born to live, the life his father wanted for him all along—you see, that’s the life he left. He had walked away. But the invitation to return was always there.

Episode 4: Pray

In episode 4, Ray is finding his way back. One thing that’s different for Ray than for you and I – we don’t have to head for a different physical location in order to find what we’re looking for. We only have to ask our God and Father.

Episode 5: Unite

Ray and his new friends are about to begin an amazing journey together – even though they all come from a broken world, they get to step into the bright future together and face whatever battles might lie ahead.

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