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Episode 5: Unite – The Wasteland Mini-Series

Episode 5: Unite

He will meet us here. In the proverbial circle – that place we step into and offer all we are to the Lord.

Ray and his new friends are about to begin an amazing journey together – even though they all come from a broken world, they get to step into the bright future together and face whatever battles might lie ahead. They get to live their lives with a mission, with a unity of heart, with a direction for every moment of every day.

That’s what God wants for us as well. You realize that, don’t’ you? That you weren’t made to walk through this world alone? And that you weren’t meant to forge your own way?

No, when we get serious about following God, He meets with us. When we pray together, He meets with us. It was Jesus who said He would be with us, even to the end of the age. Together, we have this amazing privilege of going forward and making disciples of all the nations, of extending the warm invitation of God to everyone, everywhere. Of demonstarting His love and experiencing His life.

When you look around the circle in your life right now, who has God brought along with you?

Maybe its time to huddle up. Maybe its time to start praying about the mission He has in mind. Maybe its time to work hard together for His purposes – to seek His kingdom first, with all of your hearts.

And if you’re alone, or if you’re new to all of this – take heart. Others will come. Others are on the way, even now. Just keep saying Yes to God. Keep passionately praying for revival in your heart, and in your family, and in your church.

Change is coming.

HE is coming.

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