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Episode 4: Pray – The Wasteland Mini-Series

Episode 4: Pray

Yes, I’ll run. Yes! I am tired of my own path. So, I’m following yours.

Ray is finding his way. I wonder, are you?

One thing that’s different for Ray than for you and I – we don’t have to head for a different physical location in order to find what we’re looking for. We only have to ask our God and Father – who is near to any who call on him in faith.

Would you be willing to pray, for His presence and power in your life? Would you be willing to step into a life of devotion to Him? Or, (hm) for many of us, to step back into that sort of life?

There isn’t a checklist of things God expects you to do in order to get back into his good graces. He just wants you to come. He just wants your heart to offer an enthusiastic “yes” instead of that stubborn, persistent “no”. The Bible says “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.”

So, maybe this is the moment, for you – to pray.

Lord, I’m here and I need You. I need the revival Your spirit can bring. With all that is in me I want to run toward you – I want to leave my own life behind and embrace the life you have in mind for me.

I’m tired of wandering. I’ve decided to follow Jesus. I’ve decided to let the light of His Spirit, and His Word, reveal my path.

God, I say YES to you.

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