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Episode 3: Turn – The Wasteland Mini-Series

Episode 3: Turn

Your Father wants you back.

In episode 3, it’s starting to make sense to Ray—the life he was born to live, the life his father wanted for him all along—you see, that’s the life he left. He had walked away. But the invitation to return was always there.

It always had been.

Ray didn’t have to live the way he was living. He didn’t have to be absent from the fellowship he once enjoyed. It was right there, waiting for him.

You know, that’s also true for you and me, when it comes to our fellowship with God. Each of us has a story that is not done being written. So many people started out a life with God, but because of compromise or pride or lust or greed, they walked away . . . they LEFT.

That can change. You can change. Change is one of the things Jesus died to make possible for you; and even if you have walked away, He invites you to return. Your heart is still beating right now because there is still something ahead that God has for you—a mission, a purpose, a vision for your life. Your story is still being written. God still loves you.

How can we return? [holding up Bible] We need to look carefully at the message He has left for us to find, right in front of us. Examine it closely. Hear His heart, and respond in repentance.

Repentance is like turning around, in humility and honesty. It’s when I change my mindset about life, when I decide to do the Father’s will instead of my own. It’s when I turn from my sins so I can live the life that is truly life.

That call goes out to people who have never believed, of course. But it’s also for us who once loved God greatly, but now stand in need of soul-revival. The door of repentance is there. We just have to open it.

Are you willing? Are you willing to say no to yourself, to your way, to you being the leader of your own life? Are you willing to stop wandering in your own wisdom? Are you ready to say YES to God? Will you open the door of repentance?

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