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Episode 2: Recognize – The Wasteland Mini-Series

Episode 2: Recognize

In episode 2, Ray’s house seems full of memories… where there were simple joys and family meals, and dishes yet to be done. But now all of that seems suddenly lost. There’s still evidences of recent life, but now it’s coated with dust and loneliness. Why? Or who?

A necessary part of our journey back to God involves recognizing what we once had with Him… and getting honest about what is really happening in our souls. You see, it is very possible to go through the motions of Christianity, but not really be a Christian. And it’s possible that there was a time that you deeply loved God; however, something has caused you to drift, and now, that once-vibrant love is nothing more than a fond memory.

See, we believe that honesty about who we are is directly tied to humility before God. Confessing our sins, telling the truth about what we’ve done and even what we’ve become–that’s not always a fun prospect, but it is vital if we’re going to walk with God.

Revival requires us to get honest… to admit the truth. Jesus seeks a real relationship with us. He even likened our love for Him to a meal where we would sit down and we would eat with Him and the Father… where we would actually live together.

Did you used to feel that way? Do you remember that kind of intimacy with Jesus? Is there something familiar about that sweet fellowship, that maybe you’ve drifted away from? Are you like those the Bible says have left their first love? If that is you, there’s a much more important question to consider:

Would you like to be restored?

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