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Episode 1: Awaken – The Wasteland Mini-Series

Episode 1: Awaken

In episode 1, we meet the main character, Ray, waking up after an earthquake – in a world that seems, well – strange, and broken. Familiar, but not quite right. As if there was, at one time, much more. Or maybe there should be?

The world Ray finds himself in is very different from our own. Or, is it really?

You see, sometimes in our spiritual lives we wake up in a familiar place, but not the way we wish it was. Things aren’t quite right. We look at our souls, our plans, our families, and even our churches – and we wonder: what exactly happened here?

Wasn’t I supposed to be stronger?

Weren’t we supposed to love each other?

Did I somehow miss what God wanted me to do?

Is this all there is to my Christian life?

Shouldn’t there be more?

Questions like that set us up for one of the most important responses God wants us to have in our lives – not a response to our circumstances, but a response to Him. He wants us to humble ourselves – to wake up, and realize where we really stand. To open our hearts to the light. He wants us to see who we really are in light of who He is.

At Life Action, we believe revivals start that way – revivals of personal faith and vision, revivals of marriage and family relationships, revivals of nations. It’s when we humble ourselves. It’s when we are willing to let go of the world we have created for ourselves. It’s when we pull back the curtains and let go of our pride.

Lord, how do you see me? What is the real condition of my heart? I’m willing to hear from you. I’m willing to humble myself. I’d love for your light to flood my soul.

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